Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1071 Life-Saving Treasures

Chapter 1071  Life-Saving Treasures

"Where do you think you're going?! We're not finished here yet!" The Silver Phantom shouted when Su Yang started walking toward the exit.

"We're not? Xu Xuan isn't here, so I have no reason to be here. Xiao Rong cannot stay here, so she has no reason to be here. What else is there to do here?" Su Yang looked at them with a puzzled face.

The Silver Phantoms, their frustration palpable, gritted their teeth in response to Su Yang's defiance.

"Even if she refuses to join us, we still have an obligation to protect her bloodline! That is our duty as Ghost Cats! We cannot let her leave without ensuring that she'll be safe without us!" Su Yang saw this as an opportunity and did not refute the Silver Phantoms. In fact, he even welcomed it.

Even though he was confident he could save his own life with the trump cards hidden up his sleeves, he couldn't guarantee the same for Xiao Rong and the others. Therefore, it would be in their best interest if the Autumn Phantom Manor provided them with additional insurance.

"Wait here! I will return soon!"

Several of the Silver Phantoms vanished from the scene the next moment.

They returned a few minutes later with a spatial ring.

"Here you go, little sister. There are several life-saving treasures inside, as well as a teleport talisman that will directly teleport you to our base if you ever find yourself cornered." The Silver Phantoms handed her a silver spatial ring.

Su Yang glanced at the spatial ring with curiosity, wondering what was inside.

'Since it was given by the Autumn Phantom Manor, these life-saving treasures are definitely not ordinary ones.' RE𝒂ad updated st𝒐ries at n/𝒐/vel/bin(.)com

When the Silver Phantoms noticed Su Yang staring at the spatial ring, they frowned.

"This isn't for you!"

"Don't you even dare think about coveting it!"

"Even if we cannot kill you, we can still imprison you!"

Su Yang shook his head with a smile, "Do I look like such a greedy bastard?"


"Of course!"

"All humans are greedy, especially cultivators!" Su Yang shrugged, "Say whatever you want. I won't touch it."

The Silver Phantoms no longer bothered with Su Yang and handed the spatial ring to Xiao Rong.

"Only you will be able to access this spatial ring, and we will know immediately if someone else tries to open it forcefully."

"Do not hesitate to use these life-saving treasures, little sister. Your existence is a miracle and must be protected at all costs. Once Senior Sister Xuan returns and learns of your existence, she will definitely visit you."

"I'm sure she'll be able to do something about your Blood Contract."

"Don't give the human our treasures even if he begs you, okay?! They're very important for your well-being!"

"Stay safe until then, little sister!"

"Hey, lower lifeform. You forgot this." The Silver Phantom with Su Yang's medallion tossed it back to him.

However, Su Yang tossed it back and said, "I don't need it anymore. Give it to Xu Xuan when she returns and tell her not to look for us. I will look for her again in the near future."

"Hmph! Who do you think you are to command the Master of the Autumn Phantom Manor!?" "Why are you still here? Get out already!"

Su Yang didn't linger there any longer and quickly left the place with Xiao Rong.

"Should we really let them—her go like this? We should keep them here until Senior Sister Xuan returns."

"But it's been over a hundred years since she last returned…"

"It'll be fine. We have placed a tracker in her spatial ring so we'll know their location at all times."

Once Su Yang left the Autumn Phantom Manor, the line outside finally started moving again.


Su Yang noticed many gazes on him the moment he left, but he only paid attention to one of them.

He turned to look at the crimson-haired woman, who was staring daggers at him, seemingly trying to figure out his identity.

Seeing this, Su Yang merely smiled and continued walking without a word.

'The way he carries himself—that egotistical air around him… why does it seem so familiar? And why am I getting irritated?' The crimson-haired woman clenched her hands tightly. She wanted to leave the line and stop him, but she was in the middle of an urgent business and couldn't delay it any longer.

Su Yang left the Autumn Phantom Manor shortly after without looking back, returning to the Boundless Yin Yang Sect a week later.

However, before they made their way to Martial Heaven, Su Yang asked Xiao Rong to dump out everything in the spatial ring the Silver Phantoms gave her. Despite what the Silver Phantoms told her, Xiao Rong dumped out everything in her spatial ring without hesitation. If the Silver Phantoms were here to see this, they'd be stomping the ground in anger. Without touching any of the treasures, Su Yang used his spiritual sense to scan them.

"They really placed a tracker on us. How predictable." Su Yang chuckled after finding the tracker with a little effort.

"Well, it won't matter. Once Xu Xuan sees the medallion I left behind, she'll definitely realize my identity."

"You can put the treasures back inside the spatial ring." Su Yang said to Xiao Rong after inspecting the treasures.

'Still, they were really generous with the life-saving treasures. A single one of them could easily sell for tens of millions of flawless-grade spirit stones… She could easily survive even an attack from the entire Heavenly Order with the amount of life-saving treasures they gave her. The Autumn Phantom Manor… they're as rich as always. No, they're even richer than I remember.'

Right as Su Yang arrived at the Boundless Yin Yang Sect, a figure descended in front of the Autumn Phantom Manor's front door.

When the people in the queue saw this figure, they hastily lowered their heads and bowed to her.

All of the Silver Phantoms also came outside to greet her.

"Welcome back, Senior Sister Xuan."

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