Lunar Supremacy: The Original Alpha

Chapter 130 Overwhelming Gap

Vincent took his time, a sly grin forming on his lips as he observed the ongoing battle.

"Let's see just how powerful these statues are," he whispered under his breath. He chose to approach Mia at a slow pace, knowing that if he were to zoom towards her with his vampire abilities, it would likely raise suspicions. 

With relaxed steps, he closed the distance between them, his eyes gleaming with curiosity and confidence.

"Why are you walking so slowly?" Mia exclaimed, her frustration evident in her voice. She couldn't help but question the masked man's seemingly nonchalant approach. He appeared unreliable, and doubts started to creep into her mind.

'Did I made a mistake trusting this guy ?' she muttered under her breath. She was starting to think that the masked man was just here to annoyed her.

Vincent, still maintaining his playful demeanor, chuckled in response. 

"I need some stretching," he teased, his words laced with a hint of mischief. He continued to take deliberate, slow steps, fully aware of the unsettling atmosphere surrounding them. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, five more creepy baby statues emerged, crawling towards Vincent from all directions. They scattered, some on the floor while others clung to the ceiling, adding to the disorienting chaos. 

"Weeeeeh!" A piercing cry filled the air as one of the statues pounced directly at Vincent's face, aiming to disrupt his composure.

However, Vincent's reaction time was no joke, as time seemed to momentarily slow down. With swift precision, he slapped the baby statue with the back of his hand, sending it flying down like a rag doll.

Crash !

With a resounding crash, the baby statue met its unfortunate fate, becoming completely flattened against the wall.

"What the hell was that ? " Mia's mouth hung open in astonishment. Was this the same kind of statue that had been attacking her? The one that had inflicted a wound on her abdomen just moments ago? 

"That was close. It almost exploded in front of my face " Vincent muttered to himself, a mix of surprise and amusement playing on his features. He hadn't anticipated that a simple slap with minimal use of his energy would send the baby statue flying in such a dramatic fashion. 

'These things are weaker than I thought.' He scratched his head.

Little did he know, the entity that attacked him possessed considerable strength, yet the disparity in their power was so wide that he did not even feel any challenge at all.

"Weeeeeeh" Enraged by the fate of their fallen kin, the remaining four creepy baby statues, accompanied by the one that had previously targeted Mia, launched a coordinated assault on him as they moved from one place to another to catch him off guard.

Their movements were swift, their speed seemingly amplified as they closed in. 

"They became faster!" Mia struggled to keep up with their movements. Their agility and ferocity left her momentarily stunned, unable to fully comprehend the swiftness with which they moved. However, Vincent, seemingly unperturbed by their speed, stood his ground, his posture relaxed.

"These things are too slow," Vincent scoffed, his voice laced with a hint of boredom.

"Slow? You call this slow?" Mia retorted, her voice tinged with frustration. She could hardly fathom how Vincent could belittle the speed at which the statues moved, considering the difficulty she herself had in keeping up.

Vincent's lips curled into a mischievous smile as he gazed at her. He understood that his remark had struck a nerve, but he couldn't resist teasing her a bit more. After all, their banter added an element of excitement to the dire situation they found themselves in.

"Well, compared to me, they might as well be moving in slow motion," he replied, his tone playfully taunting. He reveled in the opportunity to showcase his own exceptional speed, fueling Mia's annoyance.

But as the mocking words left his lips, the statues, as if triggered by his audacity, surged forward with a synchronized assault. 




"Dodge!" Mia's spine tingled with a chill of apprehension as she witnessed the formidable joint attack. 

However, what transpired next left her utterly astounded. With an almost casual nonchalance, Vincent swung his hand in a swift, slapping motion, effortlessly striking down each and every one of the statues.






The impact echoed through the corridor as the statues crumbled, their existence reduced to mere insignificance in Vincent's hands.

"What ... How ? " Mia stood frozen, her jaw agape in disbelief. She had anticipated a fierce battle, a struggle that would push the masked man limits and test his arrogance. Instead, she witnessed his remarkable display of power, reducing the once formidable adversaries to nothing more than inconsequential pests.

Vincent turned towards Mia with mischievous glint in his eyes. 

"Did you expect something more?" he teased, his voice laced with playful amusement. 

Mia could only manage a dumbfounded nod, unable to find the words to express her astonishment.

"Who are you ? Why are you so strong ?... And which family of exorcists did you come from ?" Mia's curiosity got the best of her, and she couldn't help but barrage Vincent with a flurry of questions. Her voice carried a mix of awe and eagerness as she sought to unravel the enigma before her.

Vincent chuckled softly to himself, amused by her assumption. He hadn't expected her to label him as an exorcist, but he couldn't deny the appeal of playing along with the misconception. After all, a little mystery and intrigue added spice to their encounter.

"Ah, she seems to think that I'm an exorcist" he mused, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Perhaps it's best to let her imagination wander a bit longer."

He couldn't resist the temptation to maintain the air of enigma around him, allowing her assumptions to take root

"You know what they say, a gentleman never reveals his secrets," he replied with a low chuckle, maintaining his playful demeanor

Mia's lips forced an annoyed smile. 

"Alright, mysterious stranger, I'll play along for now. But remember, I have my ways of uncovering secrets," she warned, her tone filled with a hint of challenge.

Vincent opened his mouth to deliver a witty retort, ready to continue their banter, but before he could utter a word, a piercing scream shattered the air. 

"Ahhhhhhhh, help us ! Please help us"

Mia's head turned around in the direction of the sound, her eyes widening in alarm.

"They need help!" she exclaimed, urgency lacing her voice. 

"Please help them, " she pleaded but as she turned back to face the masked man, he had already vanished.

"Where did he go?" she muttered

Little did she know, Vincent had already zoomed out like a bolt of lightning. His speed was unfathomable, his movement a blur that defied the limits of human perception. In an instant, he went from a standstill to a mind-boggling 200 miles per hour.

He reappeared at the far end of the hallway, his body vibrating with an otherworldly speed.

He saw the terror etched upon the faces of the two girls, their desperate struggle to outrun the relentless pursuit of the malevolent woman statue. 

"Not on my watch," Vincent declared, his voice carrying absolute confidence.


In a display of speed that defied all logical explanations, he closed the distance between himself and the girls in an instant. 

Time seemed to dilate as his keen eyes surveyed the scene before him. He could see the woman's creepy mouth slowly etching towards the dark-skined girl.Fôllôw 𝒏ew stories at n𝒐/v(e)lb/in(.)com

"Scram!" he yelled as he clenched his hands into a fists. With perfect form, he delivered a powerful punch fueled by the kinetic energy generated from his lightning-fast movement.

BOOOM! The deafening explosion echoed through the air as the woman statue shattered into countless fragments . Its former scary form vanished instantly from the impact of Vincent's terrifying punch.

"Are you two alright ?" He asked with a calm voice.

The girls, momentarily frozen in shock, looked upon him with a mixture of disbelief and gratitude. Demi, whose life had hung in the balance mere moments ago, let out a breath she had been holding, her eyes welling up with tears of relief.

"You... you saved us," she stammered, her voice trembling with gratitude.

Vincent nodded, a trace of a smile playing at the corners of his lips. 

"Just doing what I do best," he replied, his tone humble yet filled with an undeniable confidence. 

Then, he focused on the serious matter at hand .

"I won't let you run away " he muttered to himself. The air crackled as his eyes, now aglow with a captivating blue hue, surveyed the scene before him. 

The world around him had transformed, colors fading into shades of black and white.

His senses honed to perfection, he could see the evil purple energy, tracing its tendrils through the dark hallways. In that moment, he could discern the intricate dance of power, the unseen threads that connected the statue to its power source.

With each breath, he drew in the essence of the surroundings, aligning himself with the flow of energy that pulsed through the place.

And then, like a predator stalking its prey, he dashed on his target with lightning speed. His movement was a blur, a phantom traversing the space with an otherworldly speed.


The girls who had been mere moments ago trapped in fear watched in awe as he vanished from sight, leaving behind only a faint whisper of his presence.

"Demi, did we just see a ghost ?" Camille whispered, her voice trembling with a mix of astonishment and disbelief. This encounter had defied her understanding about the world.

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