The Princess’s Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father

Chapter 136

Xiao Yunzhou stood outside the door, listening to the movements of the princes in the room, his expression gradually changing.

"Big Brother, this city of Jingzhou to the east belongs to me now~"

"I want to upgrade it, upgrade to the luxury level of a third-tier city, hehehe."

The princes were playing enthusiastically, and Xiao Yunzhou's heart was fluttering.

Jingzhou, Yucheng...

When he heard those names, he cast a wary glance at Sanda by his side!

The game that Concubine Liu, Consort Min, and the palace maids had made, if it recreated the detailed map of Jing Country, could not let neighboring countries hear about it.

Although each country had spies and had acquired a portion of other countries' maps.

But most maps were not specific and detailed enough.

If it was made into a game, this wealthy merchant's map of Jing Country was too detailed, and if it spread to neighboring countries, it would be a serious problem!

Once war broke out, the enemy would know Jing Country's geographical environment, the size and fortifications of each city like the back of their hand, and they could target the weaknesses for attack, putting Jing Country in danger.

But as Xiao Yunzhou broke out in a cold sweat, warily watching Sanda, he realized the seventh prince had said something odd.

Wait, Yucheng to the east of Jingzhou?

"Hehe, it's your turn, Big Brother. Just don't go to Mocheng in the north, that's Fifth Brother's territory."

Mocheng? What's that?

The north?

Xiao Yunzhou was bewildered.

[Oh, the cities inside are all fictional,] Xiao Chuchu sighed in Wei Zheng's embrace. [Even if the Khan of Wu Yun Country heard it, it doesn't matter. It's not the real map of Jing Country, hehehe~ This made-up map idea was suggested by Aunt Consort Min. She loves reading military books when she's free.]

Xiao Yunzhou heaved a sigh of relief.

That's fine then.

Let Sanda listen all he wants.

[I really want to play too, but my arms are so short now, I can't roll the dice, wuwuwu, damn it!] Xiao Chuchu almost laughed out loud, unable to resist turning to look at her daughter's tiny hands wrapped up tightly in the swaddle.

[Never mind, I'll play when I'm older, but I want to go in with the Emperor Father, I don't want to just watch the broadcast from outside. I want to see the live battle~]

Xiao Chuchu didn't want to keep holding back.

In this young body, she couldn't do anything, couldn't go anywhere dangerous, it was so boring.

[Are my brothers all okay? Then I can go in and watch them play!]


Xiao Yunzhou almost objected out loud.

He turned and gave his daughter a deep, soft cough, "Wei Zheng, take the Little Princess a bit further away."

"Stand somewhere the wind can't reach, back up, back up further."

"Ten steps, no, twenty steps."


Xiao Chuchu was so dejected she didn't even want to speak, her inner voice falling silent.

Xiao Yunzhou shook his head helplessly. It's just a game, after all?

Consort Liu really, knowing the Little Princess is too young to play, she had to bring it out at this time, forcing the girl to just stand by and watch, isn't that going to frustrate her and make her cry?

"Big Brother, not coming in?" Sanda looked over in puzzlement.

Xiao Yunzhou hesitated for a moment longer, but still didn't hear his daughter's inner voice, and his heart ached.

But the princess couldn't go in to watch her brothers play.

Xiao Yunzhou forced back his heartache, signaling a little eunuch to lift the curtain as he walked in.

"Your Majesty!"

"Royal Father—"

The several princes who had been playing fervently quickly noticed Xiao Yunzhou and Sanda, rising in surprise to pay respects.

"Stay seated, don't move," Sanda was very courteous. "Your bodies are important."

Xiao Yunzhou scrutinized his sons, seeing their ruddy complexions and lively eyes, and felt relieved.

"No matter, I've just come with your Uncle Sanda to see how you're recovering. Are you uncomfortable at all?"

"We're all well, thank you for your concern, Royal Father and Khan Sanda." The Crown Prince spoke gratefully on behalf of his brothers.

Even the youngest, the Seventh Prince, looked at Xiao Yunzhou now with less of the usual fear in his eyes.

The father before them was like any ordinary father at this moment, concerned for his sons' wellbeing.

He wouldn't ask about lessons today, only whether they felt unwell.

The princes each felt a warmth in their hearts. "It's our fault to make the Royal Father worry when he already handles so much."

"Royal Father and Khan Sanda, please return, lest you catch an illness from us." The Crown Prince spoke emotionally as he stood.

Xiao Yunzhou waved his hand dismissively. "It's fine, I have some free time now."

The Crown Prince's eyes flickered, thinking his father still valued him!

But his gaze only flickered briefly before Xiao Yunzhou's next words stunned him.

"Now then, eldest, what are you playing? Hand it over, let me take it." Xiao Yunzhou said nonchalantly.


The Crown Prince's smile froze, and from the Second to the Seventh Prince, their expressions simultaneously stiffened, staring at Xiao Yunzhou in disbelief.

The carefree Sixth Prince Cheng Shan couldn't help exclaiming, "Father, you're kidding, right? You want to take the game from us too?"

"This is what Fifth Brother's mother and my mother made for us to play!"

"......" Xiao Yunzhou's lips twitched.

He wasn't going to take it from his sons!

It was for the Little Princess!

If the Little Princess couldn't play, then her brothers shouldn't play so much either!

"Talking nonsense again, would I play such childish games?"

As he said this, Sanda's gaze flickered uncomfortably.

But Xiao Yunzhou didn't notice, continuing to berate his sixth son, "The royal physicians told you to recuperate properly, but I heard you played until today without stopping last night. The physicians told you to go for a walk in the garden to get some air, but you didn't go. I heard last night you didn't even eat your meals properly, just obsessed with playing!"

"At such a young age, with no appetite for food or tea, only obsessed with games, what kind of behavior is that?"

"Hand over those silly merchant cards! I'm confiscating them!"

As Xiao Yunzhou spoke, the eunuch Jiu Xiao standing behind Prince Cheng Qian wore a sharp expression.

But it quickly softened at Xiao Yunzhou's next words.

"I'll give them back when you've recovered. For now, you need activity and meals! No obsession, lest you damage your vitality!"

Jiu Xiao's sternness faded to concern on Cheng Qian's back after Xiao Yunzhou's words, his face showing understanding.

"Quickly now, didn't you hear what I said?" Xiao Yunzhou raised his voice when his sons didn't move.

The little attendant Xiao Luzi had already peed himself in fright, hurriedly gathering the pile of cards of varying lengths and colors into a square sandalwood box.Upd𝒂ted chapters 𝒐n n𝒐velbin(.)com

Along with a handwritten 'Guide to the Wealthy Game of Jing Country' tucked into the box before he respectfully presented it to Xiao Yunzhou.

Xiao Yunzhou's gaze landed on the game guide, flickering briefly. "Mm, you rest up. I won't linger any longer. I'll come see you again in a couple days."

Xiao Yunzhou also knew that being here, his son would most likely not be able to rest well, so after saying a few words, he left with Sanda.

[Ah...? Did the Emperor Dad snatch the tabletop game that Mom made for my brother?]

Xiao Chuchu, watching the live broadcast from outside, was dumbfounded.

[Hahaha, I'm laughing my head off. Could it be that the Emperor Dad also wants to play?]


Xiao Yunzhou's old face turned red. How could that be? How could his daughter, the reincarnation of a fairy, misunderstand him like that?

When would he have the free time to play cards?

But as they approached the Imperial Study Room, Sanda coughed softly and shyly.

"Um, Big Brother... This 'Who Has the Most Money in Jing Country' tabletop game from the Prince of Jing Country seems to contain some hidden lessons on governing the country. The principles of managing money, grain, and land all seem to be present in these cards."

"Do you want to play?"

Xiao Yunzhou's gaze flickered.

I would certainly not be interested in a child's plaything.

But if the neighboring Khan demands that I play...

"Big Brother, shall we have a round?" Sanda, who had few entertainment options on the grasslands, was quite curious about and eager to play this game.

Xiao Yunzhou put on a pretended expression of hesitation.

Sanda urged hastily, "Big Brother, if you don't play, and your son doesn't have time either, why don't you let me take it to the Foreign Affairs Office so I can borrow it and play for a couple of days?"

Xiao Yunzhou: "!"


Xiao Yunzhou almost spat out a mouthful of saliva onto Sanda's face, just like he would have done in response to his daughter's sarcastic inner thoughts.

This sibling of mine actually wanted to monopolize such an enjoyable thing for himself!?

Dream on!

"We'll play, let's go to the Imperial Study Room right now! Wei Zheng, brew some tea!"


Xiao Chuchu could only give these two childish monarch buddies six points, but no more.

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