The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs

Chapter 19 - Volume 1

Volume 1 Chapter 6 part3

“Hey, stupid brotheeer!”

It was the morning of our day off.

The one who came here to the boys’ dorms was the animal, I mean my sister, who pridefully carried her slave around.

While yawning in my room, I checked the time, noticed that it was still seven in the morning, and lied back down onto bed.

“Don’t doze off! What in the world are you doing! What are you doing!”

I didn’t know the reason for her uproar, but I wanted to enjoy myself and fall back asleep.

“How improper of you, sister. Yesterday’s lessons involved the boys training their martial arts. I’m tired, so let me sleep.”

The girls got to have fun playing sports, while the boys had to get caked in mud while doing long training runs and martial arts practices. Since this was a world where it wasn’t odd for one to lose their life fighting monsters or participating in a war, training was very strict.

“This isn’t the time to be sleeping! Stupid brother, give me a detailed account of the first year class. Right now!”

My older sister, the second daughter, forcibly woke me up, leaving me wondering what she was in a hurry for.

Lifted up by a cat-eared slave in the morning, I sat down on a chair while rubbing my sleepy eyes and yawning.

“Information about the first year? Wouldn’t you know more about that than me?”

“I heard some strange rumors, so I came here to check. You’re more or less a student in the advanced class.”

How impolite of her to say “more or less.”

“Information? Aah, come to think of it, the class’ Madonnas, Milly and Jessica, have chosen who to marry. It’s kind of a disappointment since they were really good people, but there’s no helping it.”

“I don’t care about pointless stories like that.”

Pointless? For us boys, it’s a story that would put us to tears.

“Do you know about a girl named Marie?”

While I was reacting with a twitch, my older sister continued to talk and order me around.

The passionate kissing scene in the library came to my mind.

“...She’s in his Highness Julian’s group, and is intimate with him.”

“Only with his Highness the crown prince?”

“...She’s intimate with other prestigious nobles as well. Good for her, right?”

Even if flirting around is disapproved of in the academy, people still hear rumors about it. The rumors surrounding Marie have especially risen.

“There’s also a young girl from a duke household, right? Do you have detailed information on her?”

“You think I know? I only heard rumors like how his Highness the crown prince got mad at her.”

My sister pondered, and then made a stern face.

Now it was my turn.

“So, do you have a detailed account of her? It seems there are rumors spreading around about how that duke daughter ordered people to bully Marie.”

“Huh? Are you an idiot?”

My sister got angry and called me an idiot. I’d prefer if you showed some more self-control after having stormed into the boys’ dorms in the morning. Well, considering that you have that lover with you, you probably don’t have a sliver of self-control left.

“With a social status that high, even if she’s not ordering people around, those around her are selfishly moving. In the first place, if she was really serious about crushing a woman she’s against, then that woman wouldn’t be alive. The scale of a duke household is no joke. This is why men are useless.”

While feeling peeved, I asked a question to my sister, who had been looking down on me.

“So that duke woman is unrelated?”

“They’re separate matters. Since girls that were in her group did it, she still has to take responsibility, though.”

“Isn’t that unreasonable?”

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

It seems that the world of an otome game is also difficult for girls. No wait, perhaps it just for the villainess? In the game, did the villainess...not order for this happen? It’s been ten years since I regained my memories, so my recollection is faint.

My sister looked at my face and made a serious expression.

“The second year and third year are also panicking. Above all, we don’t want any more strange troubles surrounding his Highness the crown prince. We have things we need to do as well. You need to seriously gather a little more information. Then, report it to me afterwards.”

Who in the world does this woman think I am? I’m not your pawn. Well, I will investigate since I’m curious about it, though.

“You understand what this means, don’t you?”

“That girls are bothersome.”

“Idiot, you utter idiot! Stupid brother!”

My sister, who had been noisy in the morning, grabbed me by the ear and said something as if ordering me around.

“His Highness the crown prince will inherit the throne as long as nothing happens! You understand that the people he’s pleased with will be set for life, right? On the other hand, those that he’s displeased with will be done for!”

This talk has nothing to do with a baron from afar.

On second thought, it has a lot to do with my sister, who wants to to live in the city. If she gets married to someone bad, and that person garners Julian’s antipathy, then there’s no hope for success in her future career.

“Being able to marry and safely graduating is enough for me, so I’m not interested in this matter.”

“Are you really a man?!”

In actuality, I just don’t want to get involved with Julian and his surroundings. I was thinking that maybe there were benefits to getting close with him, but...getting close with him also means getting dragged into what’s to come.

That’s a no-no.

──After all, a huge storm will befall upon the kingdom in the future.

That’s if things go according to the game’s story, though.

“Anyways, you say that it doesn’t concern you, right? Well, there’s no benefits nor drawbacks about this matter for me either.”

It seemed that my sister was just wary of me getting involved and causing trouble upon the family. Reêad latest 𝒏ov𝒆ls at n𝒐𝒐v/e/l/bi𝒏(.)com

“They wouldn’t take any notice of a baron from afar.”

However, the fact of the matter is that there really is something that has caught my attention.

I’m wondering what that Marie girl might do in the future.

My sister gave me a warning.

“There’s a grade party at the end of the school term. Don’t do anything stupid and make me lose face. I need to pick which man I want.”

My busy sister headed out of the room.

“Ah, one thing, did you even find a marriage partner?”

The look of my grinning sister had irritated me.

My sister wanted to marry and had been searching for a boy nonstop. I’m envious that she at least has a choice.

“Don’t cause trouble if you find one.”

“I thought you’d say that. Don’t think that you have charm just because you stand out a bit. Why don’t you polish your skills as a man?”

I laughed scornfully.

“How do you feel having bought a slave using the money from a man that has no charm? I’m all ears, my dear sister.”

Thereupon, my sister yelled “Go to hell, stupid brother!” and left the room.

Now that I was alone, I got up from my chair and stretched.

Luxon, who pretended to be an ornament in the room, rose up.

[It’s been quite lively for the morning.]

“So the first term is going to end...I wonder if it’s fine to just think about the party and the usual nobles?”

This is the world of an otome game.

The event for the first-years in the academy was modeled after those of the schools in Japan.

Well, it was game marketed towards Japanese people, so it was inevitable that it would be like that, though...

“A school term...I entered a dungeon with my friends and ended up holding tea ceremonies by the end of it all.”

[Even if there were zero results, the time spent was still valuable, right master? After all, my master is basically a lazy person. You moving around is by itself a great achievement.]

“Do you bear a grudge against me?”

[I dislike new humans, so that means I dislike you, master.]

“So you’re a sad AI that pushes me around. Be ready to keep pushing me around for as long as I live.”

[Sounds fun. All things considered, life at the academy seems truly hectic.]

In addition to attending the daily lessons, I also enter the dungeon for extra cash.

I’ve used that cash to fund tea ceremonies and invite girls, but it ends up failing repeatedly.

Things really have passed in the blink of an eye.

“...Say, can you gather information?”

Despite having a bad mouth, Luxon is basically faithful.

[Is this about the duke woman or that Marie girl? I possibly can, but even if I investigate information like their three sizes, I won’t tell you.]

“...Please tell me.”

[I refuse on the basis that it’s not necessary.]

“Is that so? In that case, can you investigate whether or not what my sister said was true?”

[You want definite proof about the rumors? Does it concern you, master? You said you weren’t going to get involved, but are going to change your policy?]

“I’m just curious.”

[So it’s just a spurt of curiosity? How hopeless you are. Well then, I’ll go check the rumors.]

While saying that, Luxon’s surface projected the surrounding landscape, making it vanish like it had blended in, and left the room to gather information.

This thing can do anything.

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